Yikes and Oh Boy-Notary Days are Never Typical

Not a Typical Day for a Notary

We were a few hours from enjoying a three-day holiday weekend. My head was already looking forward to; being with my family, longer workouts and just chilling for a day or two.

Moreover, I had just returned from driving sixty minutes from an earlier closing. I was mentally checked out and was in a very relaxing, laid-back state! An hour earlier, I received a call from a title company to handle a closing 35 miles away. I turned the $185 closing opportunity down without any remorse or thought. As I was scanning 200 pages from the just-completed closing, I received another call from the title company. Once again, they requested my services for the closing, as mentioned earlier. The company was advising me that my favorite attorney would be involved. Hence, relenting, I accepted the order.

Accordingly, I started attempting to reach the borrower. I consistently verify the address and covid protocols. Unfortunately, neither the attorney nor I were able to contact the borrower. I am always reluctant to be traveling 35 miles without confirmation. The attorney, Steve, knew my concerns, advised I would be receiving the full fee, and directed me to proceed to the closing.

After that, I started printing the documents and got ready for the drive! Unfortunately, no one had been able to connect with the borrower. Thus, I began the trekking with the unprepared documents and no lunch. Finally, three miles from the borrower’s home, they started calling me. I received confirmation of all vaccinations and the address; I thought I was all set for a standard closing.

Subsequently, I was driving by mature tree-lined streets and arrived at the home of Carol Barber. Opening the door of her modest house, she was wearing a protective covid mask. In addition, miraculously, I was arriving right on time.

Consequently, my euphoria of arriving started evaporating in a heartbeat. Carol began announcing she and her husband had been attending a party the night before and were exposed to covid. I felt like I was falling off my feet. In a very professional robust manner, I started asking Carol why she did not advise anyone of her predicament. The answer I was receiving was a cold blank face. Let’s not forget that her husband, Robert, entered the room with a screaming infant. All he said was he only had 30 minutes for the closing. Since I did not have the opportunity to mark up the docs, this would be a challenge with a 300-page closing package.

Furthermore, added awful news was in the offering—the mother announcing that the one-year-old infant had a very contagious infection. The party was just getting started. This scenario was not fiction; it was accurate as real could be. Moreover, I began advising that the closing would have to take place in the garage for the health of all. In addition, the parents reported they had to handle the signing individually, taking turns caring for the yelling, out-of-control poor infant.

Under the circumstances, this entire closing was way out of control. Making $200 or $300 was not the issue-I felt I was endangering myself to covid and other contagious diseases. After all my covid closings, this was the first time I was shaking and frightened. The baby was howling and shaking. Mother and father were juggling the child between them like a hot potato.

Hence, Robert began announcing that maybe we should reschedule. He was reading my soft and mushy brain. I started counting my words very carefully and softly. Happily telling all, I thought this was a great suggestion. I advised Robert to call his loan officer. He started running for a phone. I escaped from the hallway and stood in the open garage space with a cold, windy breeze circulating the room. Coming from afar, Robert was announcing we are rescheduling. Immediately I started mumbling to myself, that is excellent news. I bid all goodbyes and immediately began running to my car. I felt like my sentencing was lifting, and I was a free man. Upon entering my car, I took my disinfectant bottle and started rubbing my hands for more time I could count.

In conclusion, to add salt to the womb, the title company that requested my services would not pay me my full fee. Thus, after numerous emails detailing my 2 hours of driving and 1 hour of purgatory, I was to be receiving my total payment. The journey from world trekking to notary trekking and the lessons learned continue.—reinvention, discovery, and keeping it real.

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