Jeffrey Weiner

I have been traveling for the last number of years on every street and fairway from downtown Brooklyn to the leafy confines of Fairfield County, Connecticut.  Trekking from the tenements of Harlem to the mansions of Greenwich and beyond.  Conducting over 5,000 financial closings for every ethnic and economic group that makes up America’s fabric and diversity in this timeframe—hearing life stories: from industry captains to housekeepers and construction workers who share common dreams and goals.  They all share their life journeys and tales of life.  From Supreme Court Judges to Politicians to every profession to every laboring job, they all share life!

Hence, I have accumulated many of their adventures, all through my own eyes and my journey.  I have weaved the tales; some are funny, some are sad, into a litany of life lessons.  Therefore, I have captured many stories and adventures to create “Trekking Tales of a Traveling Notary.” I desire, and my goal is to develop the blogs/episodes into a book, TV series, and movie to share my reinvention with the fabric of America.

My mission and goal are to touch the human soul in all.  To enhance self-awareness and self-improvement for myself and my readers.  At some point, I hope to achieve enough critical mass and education to produce a commercial project for the betterment of all.

Accordingly, please feel free to comment on all stories.  You may see yourself in an episode/blog; as we all know, life imitates art.  I have learned much about myself in my travels,  reinforcing some fundamental values we all share.  I trust so you will as well.

The Journey from World Trekking to Notary Trekking and the Lessons Learned.-Reinvention, Discovery, and keeping it Real.

Enjoy and be safe.

Jeffrey Weiner