5,000 Closings and Counting/”The Closer”

“Tales of a Trekking Notary” is a travelogue of reinvention, discovery, and keeping it real.  My life continuously transitions from the luxuries snd entrapments of  “World Trekking to the simplicity of Notary Trekking. ”

Consequentially, in my go-go years, I lived a fast-paced lifestyle.  All typical of a young successful professional warrior/salesperson.   I was a hard-driving smart guy for sure. In reality-“Right Place, Right Time.”  The universe aligned,  traveling and trekking the world.  My adventures included: backpacking in Europe, cycling in Israel/Vermont/California, skiing in Utah/ Colorado/East Coast, and swimming/surfing the beaches in the Caribbean and Hawaii. But, unfortunately, all now seem to be in the rearview mirror.

Thereafter,  today I am traveling by auto and subway to notary closings.  All of which are less exotic locations than my world trekking.   The reality is I have been learning more about myself, and as much as all the people I am meeting. My daily trekking leads to adventures I could never imagine.  Thus the following blogs are various snippets/episodes, highlighting some varied colorful, and varied closings.  It feels like I have been conducting closings for years.

Each closing takes on a life of its own. For “The Closer,” each closing is a real-life adventure with compelling life stories., Listening and learning, always showing respect and humility.  Never forgetting the jokes and the kidding around. In most encounters. There is never a lacking of conversation and human interest tales.

Hence, we discuss sports, politics, kids, reinventing careers, and all aspects of living are the norm. Everyone’s life, including my own, seems to come full circle. The theater and drama are breathing and living organisms one closing at a time. The experiences and the lessons I am learning about the world and myself are priceless. The cleansing sessions cover happy and sad experiences for all parties.

Therefore,  I am now trekking the notary world.  I am trekking not by plane or boat but by subway and bus in my traveling as a simple notary. Notary travels have included:  Michael Bloomberg’s office at the World Trade Center, Trump’s corporate office, and the offices of various Bank Presidents.  Furthermore, I met with; Investment Bankers,  Assistant Commissioners of the NBA, MLB, NFL, and multiple captains of industry. Moreover, doctors, construction workers, visiting barmaids, bus drivers, teachers, and accountants were in my bailiwick.  Similarly, how could I ever forget the  Indian Chief and tattoo man? In addition, performing closings have taken place: in $30,000,000 residences, ghetto streets, and Chinatown.  I have had entertaining meetings with every economic and ethnic group of NY.

Subsequently, my appointments only take 20 minutes to one hour. Besides the 2 hours of travel on crowded public transportation. Accordingly,  absorbing the varying fragrances of  New York City and the suburbs of NY and Connecticut. The entry fee for the notary adventures is the price of a subway token or a gallon of gas—the locations offering fragrances and experiences much richer than trekking across the globe oceans afar.

Accordingly, the hope of recapturing past glory is set aside.   My daily escapades now encompass completing one closing at a time. I am receiving fees between $80-$250 a pop.  Subsequently, many roads and miles have been traveled.  The days of $200 corporate lunches and long-winded dinners have passed. Expense accounts and all the associated trappings seem like a century-long gone.  Thus, I am conducting notary closings while working as a Sr. VP of Business Development for a technology company.  Under the circumstances, I never stop cycling, playing tennis, and working out daily. My main endeavors and goals are to be the best husband, father, and grandfather to my amazing family. Surviving was the end game. Nothing would have possible without the support and love of my magnificent core family unit. Thus, I dedicate all to my immediate family and extended family from Boston to Chicago.

In conclusion, your feedback and comments on any trekking adventure will be very much appreciated. I am sure many will be seeing themselves in an episode/blog. Therefore, learning a great deal about myself and all the people I meet traveling from one closing to the next! Every encounter a new and amazing adventure. Core fundamental values we all cherish are shared and reinforced.  I look forward to continued reinvention, discovery, and keeping it real.  5,000 closings and counting!

Jeffrey Weiner “The Closer”