“Retired Importer” Marriage Continues To Be A Full-Time Game


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High-Class building-what adventures

On a beautiful fall day, I traveled to the Upper Westside, a high-net-worth address. The 550 Central Park West building was well known as the home to professional athletes and investment bankers. The reflections of the sun and the vibrant colored leaves of Central Park were painting a fantastic backdrop. The building had three concierges; all dressed in fancy grey attire as they kept swirling the doors at the entrance. A doorman swung the rotating doors for me as I entered. A dog walker with five barking animals stuck their leases in the doors. With all doormen jumping to attention, the adventures of the day begin.

The concierge at the desk called up to 37G, announcing my arrival. Meeting me upstairs was a spirited good-looking man in his 70s. The borrower, Robert, was very welcoming and immediately offered coffee and water.

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Exotic-Exotic Art Jumps off the Walls!

Suddenly, I remember feeling like my eyeballs were shooting out of their sockets. I was viewing nude paintings of women in all positions. I do not blush easily, and I am far from a prude, but I was speechless. All with my body language, speaking loudly. Finally, the painter, Robert, explained that art should elicit strong reactions and feelings. I told Robert mission was accomplished! How a simple trekking notary could find himself in these colorful, unique adventures. I cannot make up this stuff!

Additionally, on every wall hung artifacts from a world traveler with exquisite taste.

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The World Traveler-Collection of Art and Wives

Robert explained he was a jewelry importer and had traveled the world for 40 years, acquiring jewels and gems for NYC’s rich and famous. With this, he giggled and smiled broadly. Robert further explained that painting was one of his lifelong passions. Now the zinger knocked me for a loop. He explained many of the nude works were of his ex-wives. Robert told me he loved art, artifacts, and jewelry — but a woman’s beauty was his primary passion. He told me he was married five times. I said to myself five times; he had to be some importer!

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Favorites -Favorites and More Favorites

The love bird began counting with his fingers; #1 was a very young Chinese woman, #2 was an African American, #3 was a middle-aged English woman, #4 was a 25-year-old Filipino, and #5 was a 35-year-old Indian woman. Robert was indeed a world traveler in many ways. “Life imitates art, or does art imitate life.” He went on that everyone collects something, and he collects wives. I had to ask Robert who was his favorite? He said they were all great, yet the Filipino wife #4 was the favorite.

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How Many Marriages Are In your Future?

Where oh where was this questioning going to end up! I wondered why he was not still married to #4? Robert, putting his hands in the air, declaring he has a weakness for new! He said he got divorced from #5 a year ago and was unsure where his next wife would hail. So the current $500,000 loan was to support his travels, paintings, and wife #6.

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I am Sticking With #1 Forever

Every closing is an adventure, with many stories you cannot make up! As we exchanged goodbyes, I smiled to myself and just laughed. Robert would continue his search for wife #6. The Marriage Game Continues. I would be heading home to wife #1, my best friend, partner, counselor, etc., who has walked and will continue walking every step with me.

The journey from world trekking to notary trekking and the lessons learned continue-reinvention, discovery, and keeping it real!

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