Mansions In Greenwich and Knights of the Round Table
June 17, 2022

Traveling To Europe At The Speed of Light Today I had the assignment to review and notarize “Power of Attorney” documents…

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A Trip To The Farm and More!
May 10, 2022

Every day my travels as a trekking notary lead me to tales and adventures. Today would prove to be so true!…

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Closing Starts With One Dog and Ends With Another
April 18, 2022

Photo by Mathew Janzen on Unsplash Where Am I? Today, I was in a rough area in Stamford, Ct. for my last closing. I…

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One Man’s Home Is His Kingdom-To, Another Man It is a Garbage Dump!
April 17, 2022

My Shortest Notary Tale Upon receiving financial assignments, I never knew what adventures or tales would await! One day I am…

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Flattery-Flattery, and by the way, This is My Husband.
April 2, 2022

Photo by Philippe Krief on Unsplash Empty Nesters Move to The City Today I was traveling to a bank on the…

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Wannabe Doctor-Patient of the Moment
March 22, 2022

Photo by Robert Linder on Unsplash A Visit To The Hospital Awaits The first adventure of the day was at NYU Medical Center. No…

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The Grateful Dead House
The Grateful Dead and Who’s on First
January 28, 2022

The Arrival After driving an hour, I finally arrived at an old wooden rustic house. Covering the front yards were rusted... Read More
If Only Safety Deposit Boxes Could Talk
January 25, 2022

The Past Is the Past I traveled to a bank branch in Jamaica, Queens, one spring day. The structure was a... Read More
Two Teachers and One Mask/The Encounter
January 24, 2022

The Welcoming Upon arriving at the simple home in Mt Vernon, I met Robert Ferraro. He was wearing a disheveled tee…

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Drug Haven-Is This Really Happening? Part-2
September 24, 2021

How Did I End Up Here I began announcing I was here for a notary signing. I was obviously out of…

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