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A Visit To The Hospital Awaits

The first adventure of the day was at NYU Medical Center.

No Surprises From the Doctor’s Wife Yet!

As is my custom, I called the contact number to verify the appointment. Dr. Newman’s wife answered, verifying the room/office number and the time.

I arrived at the hospital and announced the doctor’s name to the receptionist. I received detailed instructions; to go to the left elevator bank and follow the floor’s yellow pathway. After proceeding thru security, I entered the elevator to the 7th floor. The hospital floors and walls were glistening in bright white lights. All the nurses and doctors were moving quickly about holding charts or pushing carts. I made my way around patients and their wheelchairs. Oxygen tanks were humming and clicking, forcing air into the patient’s lungs. Large red letters-CARDIAC FLOOR, spelled out the floor. I kept walking straight as an arrow, noting I was on this high-risk floor.

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Confusion On The Hospital Floor

Right before my eyes on the wall was a large red sign spelling out; Dr. Harold Newman, Head Cardiologist. All seemed normal I was about to meet the department head. I went around the corner, looking for an office marked 762. As I was walking, I only saw patient rooms and no offices. I kept wandering the floor as I searched for the doctor’s office. My confusion grew as I stopped a young nurse asking for Dr. Newman’s office. The nurse, in a half-laugh, told me I had already arrived! I was confused as 762 was a patient room,

Strolling, I entered the large room, expecting to see the doctor working. Instead, wires, tubes, and respirators were greeting me. Underneath all the machinery, I could make out the smiling face of an older gentleman. Sitting next to the bed was a 70ish woman with shocking white hair. I immediately started apologizing that I must be in the wrong room. The sweet-looking woman asked whom I was looking to meet?. I answered Dr. Newman, the head cardiologist. Through the room’s laughter, I heard, “you found him.”

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The Doctor Was Indeed The Patient.

My face twisted, dropping in utter amazement.

Is There a Doctor In The House?

Dr. Newman responded in a weak voice, HERE I AM!. The doctor added that this is my floor. I AM THE INDIAN CHIEF OF ALL THE DOCTORS AND NURSES ON THIS FLOOR.

Then, half coughing and laughing, this proud elderly gentleman stated, “I am a terrible patient and a much better doctor.”

Laughter rang loud as nurses tried to keep all the wires connected as the doctor moved about in the hospital bed.

The doctor joked maybe that I needed a doctor as I was taking in the STRIKING turn of events. Mrs.Newman explained that they had been working on the loan for months, and nothing would stop the closing.

The doctor joked no time like the present.

The doctor, a leading cardiologist, told me he had a sudden heart attack hit him a week ago. Dr. Newman never let up the irony that the doctor was now the patient. He added that now many of his junior associates were his caretakers. Mrs. Newman commented I certainly hope my husband was a good teacher. Everyone in the room nodded in agreement. The doctor told me he received the best care because he was the best teacher! The cardiologist was a proud and strong man. Most importantly, this doctor had a great sense of humor. As I was listening, the doctor’s wife kept offering me fruit, candy, and everything that filled the room,

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Let Us All Sign and Eat As Well

The party was ending, and I had to get to work. The doctor attempted to sign with all the closing papers as the tubes and machinery crisscrossed his body. The doctor’s wife assisted her husband in the signing as she held and directed his hand. We marked the papers step by step and finished in 30 minutes. Several nurses were arriving, checking Dr’s vitals, announcing lunch. The doctor roared as he requested a medium-rare sirloin with mashed potatoes and a glass of vino. The nurse smiled and barked, “ red or green jello.” The doctor looked directly at the nurse in a resounding firm voice. Then, in a loud voice, the doctor responded, “I thought I was in the Ritz- I want my steak.” The doctor’s wife answered, whispering, “the steak is to be delivered tomorrow.” Once again, the room roared with light laughter.

As a result, a notary goes anywhere to do the job like a mail carrier. I am earning big bucks a $150 at a shot. We concluded the closing in due course. After that, we bid each other good health and best wishes. I told the doctor I hoped he would be back to doctor’s status very soon. Like my journey, one day, you are on top, hitting home runs, and suddenly the next day, you are lucky to be alive and hit singles.

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Take one day at a time with a smile on your face. This doctor, this patient, never stopped barking orders with a significantly happy disposition.

The journey from world trekking to notary trekking and the lessons learned continue. — reinvention, discovery, and keeping it real.