We Ask For Forgiveness

So again, crying, loud enough for all to hear.  A churchlike stillness was surrounding everyone in this dull greying bank branch.  Moreover, Katy was yelling out more transgressions.  The wording is half in Gaelic, but we get it.  Katy adds: “We are sinners, we are born to suffer, God commands, loans are the road to perdition, dear Pope, forgive me.”

Hence, the customers and clerks watch in silence.  Her distress is palpable.  As a result, I know I have to do something.  I take a deep breath and sit up.  I clearly state, “I’m not a catholic, Katy, but I know the Pope is a good man, a Pope for everyone.” All in the bank murmur their agreement.

Holy Holy Holy

Therefore, I press on.  “If the Pope were standing here right now and knew you were borrowing money for your single daughter, he would rejoice!  He would tell all of us, ‘behold Katy, who is doing angel’s work and performing a selfless, good deed”.

Subsequently, in a flash of a moment, Katy’s eyes widen with understanding.  Her tear-strewn face turns from an ashen white to a glowing gold of joy.  As if a crack in heaven issued a thunderbolt, miraculously transforming her pain to pleasure.  Then, finally, she embraces my papal edict laughing aloud.  This woman looks about her from a small potato farm in old Ireland with her new bright eyes.  Her smile lifts every down-trodden heart before her here, in da Bronx.

Thus, Katy shakes my hands and blesses me in the name of all the saints.  After that, she named those saints as numerous as her offspring.  Then, Katy added that she would light candles, say rosaries, and perform other homages.

Sadness Turns To Rejoice

Consequently, a cathartic experience washes over me in this suddenly jubilant atmosphere.  People start clapping and whooping.    A plump woman of color suddenly sings out.  Hence, all are hearing “Jesus Saves, Praise the Lord!”.  The singer has the rich voice of a gospel ministry.  , Everyone is joining in, humming along.  The loan officer taps me on the shoulder and tells me I am a good man.  All I did was listen and demonstrate simple, heartfelt empathy.  

Accordingly, Ramesh saw us out, congratulating Katy and whispering to me.  “I’m delighted you were the notary today; thank you, Jeff.” “We’re all being authentic and human.  Hence, treating each other with respect and dignity.  “God Bless,” Katy is announcing as I set off to the subway.  Her hands were clutching her handbag with its precious gift for her spinster daughter.  I am smiling and wave goodbye.

In conclusion, I am in the subway car, almost empty now, heading home a world away.  As the train clicks past Yankee Stadium, catching myself smiling at my reflection in the window.  Therefore, at this moment, I am earning an honest living, hitting singles day after day closing loans, but on a level that has become far more important to me.  Thus I’d just hit one out of the park, here on a sunny spring day in New York.  The journey from world trekking to notary trekking and the lessons learned continue.—reinvention, discovery, and keeping it real.