From World Trekking To Notary Trekking

“Tales of a Trekking Notary” travelogue of reinvention, discovery, and keeping it real.  My past adventures have included family and friends.  I have been fortunate to be trekking all over the world.  My traveling has taken me: from backpacking in Europe to cycling in Israel to skiing in Utah/ Colorado to swimming and surfing in the Caribbean.  Today, I am traveling by auto and subway to notary closings—all of these locals, much less exotic locations.  The reality is I have learned more about people and their lives than I could ever imagine.  The following blogs are various snippets/episodes of some of the more colorful and varied closings I have conducted over the last few years.

Hence, we talk about sports, politics, kids, reinventing careers, all aspects of life.  Everyone’s life seems to come full circle somehow, just as my life comes full circle as I work to reinvent it, closing by closing.  The experiences and the lessons I learn about the world and myself are priceless.

The Education Continues One By One

Therefore, In my travels as a simple notary, I have trekked to; Michael Bloomberg’s office at the World Trade Center, Trump’s corporate office, the offices of various Bank Presidents, to Investment Bankers, to Assistant Commissioners of the NBA, MLB, NFL, to multiple captains of industry, to doctors, to construction workers, to barmaids, to bus drivers, teachers, to accountants, to every other profession and everything in between.  I have had closings; in $30,000,000 residences, in scary outdoor parks in Harlem, in Chinatown, with every ethnic and economic group.

As a result, hopes of recapturing past glory are set aside by hitting one single after another.   Conducting closings for $80-$250 a pop is the norm.  A long way from the $200 lunches of my corporate life back in the ’90s.  Notary closings as I am working as a Sr. VP of Business Development for a technology company.  Subsequently,  I never stop cycling, tennis, and working on being the best husband, father, and grandfather.  I dedicate all to my immediate family and my extended family from Boston to Chicago.

Consequently, my appointments only take 20 minutes to one hour, with 2 hours of travel at most.  I average $50 an hour; it pays the bills.  Yet, I get to see all of New York City and the suburbs of NY and Connecticut as I travel the world for the price of a subway token of a gallon of gas.

Learning And Growing-Sharing

Thus, please feel free to comment on any adventure.  You may see yourself in an episode/blog.  In conclusion, we all know life imitates art.  I have learned a great deal about myself in my travels, reinforcing the fundamental values we all share.  I trust so you will as well.  Enjoy and stay safe.

The journey from world trekking to notary trekking and the lessons learned continue.—reinvention, discovery, and keeping it real.

Jeffrey Weiner