Reinvention, discovery, and keeping it real.

In my go-go years, I was living a fast-paced lifestyle. Hence, enjoying all the luxuries and entrapments of a young, successful professional warrior/salesperson. I was a hard-driving smart guy for sure. But, in reality-“Right Place, Right Time.” The universe aligned. I was traveling and trekking the world. My adventures included: backpacking in Europe and cycling in Israel, Vermont, and California. Additionally, skiing in Utah/ Colorado/East Coast, and swimming/surfing the beaches in the Caribbean and Hawaii. But now, all seems to be in the rearview mirror. Therefore, today I am traveling by auto and subway to notary closings. All of which are less exotic locations than my world trekking. The reality is that I have been learning more about myself. My daily trekking is leading me to adventures I could never imagine. Thus, the following blogs are various snippets/episodes. I am highlighting varied and colorful closings. It feels like I have been conducting closings for years.

Tales of a Trekking Notary

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